This is a list of the basic API/URLs that streetsign uses, and can be used to generate other applications (such as a native hardware accelerated client, for instance.)

All URLs are given in Flask style, so <stuff> denotes a variable, part of the URL that changes depending on what you’re requesting. <int:blah> means only accept integer values for blah, etc.


Returns the data about this screen, including which zones are defined in it, which feeds are attached to those zones, etc. Usually this is called with the basic template, which renders the post in place, using their post type javascript renderers. This is the main view that normal screen outputs will use.


Returns the JSON details about a screen. Which zones it has, CSS, which zones have what feeds attached, etc.

To save bandwidth, you can call:


with the md5 that was previously given in the screen JSON data, and the server will respond with either ONLY the same MD5sum and screen id, or else with a new MD5sum, and complete new screen JSON data (and id).


Given a json type list of feed ids ([1,3,2,9,21], say), return the JSON of all posts which are currently active.

Note that for some web servers/requests/proxy systems, you will have to URL encode the list. For example: /screens/posts_from_feeds/%5B1%2C2%2C%5D rather than /screens/posts_from_feeds/[1,2]. Most web browsers, and most good HTTP request libraries should do this automatically for you, however.


Returns all the various JSON rendereres that are needed for drawing posts to a screen zone.